Is There Any Connection Between Sex and Hair Loss?

Hair bestows a charming and youthful appearance. Having a presentable hair in terms of appearance is important in social situations, in business as well as when meeting people.

Hair insecurity is something that a lot of men feel and almost none talk about. We can clearly see that hair loss in men incorporates hereditary qualities, ways of life elements and eating routine.

But, is there any connection between sex and hair loss? Is sex or masturbation the cause of hair loss?

Truth is, there’s no direct link between masturbation or sex and hair loss. Men have testicles that drive them sexually. It’s perfectly healthy to basically have sex, masturbate and do whatever you need to do to satisfy your personal needs and don’t worry about your hair.

However, there are few studies that showed over-masturbation, when practice excessively can lead to psychological and physiological imbalances and side effects. Medical experts suggest keeping masturbation in moderation in order to properly replenish the minerals and nutrients that are lost and avoid bad side effects such as hair loss.

On the other hand, there are several factors that affect hair loss in men that include;

  • Genetics – If you have family history of hair loss, most likely, you’re going to experience it.
  • Age – As you get older, hair loss becomes a bigger issue.
  • Children – More kids that you have, more hair loss you will experience. Usually, more kids equal to more stress.
  • Diet – If you have a lot of caffeine or you’re a heavy alcohol drinker, you are most likely going to experience some hair loss.
  • Smoking – If you smoke, you would have more likelihood of hair loss as well.
  • Skin disease – If you had suffered from any type of skin disease, you were going to experience a higher level of hair loss.
  • Stress – If you can reduce your stress levels, then you are more likely to keep hair on your head.
  • Hormones – A higher level of testosterone also meant that you’re going to keep the hair on your head. There are certain supplements you can take to boost your testosterone, but simple things like exercise and eating the right foods could improve your T-level.

If you’re balding because of the above factors, see a doctor and the doctor will give you some medications to stop it. There are a lot of effective and safe medications out there. Just see a doctor and don’t stop depriving yourself of the thing that’s important to your sex life.