Side Effects of a Liver Cleanse. Why you should be Careful?

Statistics show that the second leading cause of death in the U.S. among digestive diseases are Liver diseases, and ranked as fifth common cause of death in the United Kingdom. This in effect has liver cleanses increased its popularity in the market to protect the body against liver diseases and to correct liver damages. Not to mention the most popular benefit, weight loss.

Drinking lots of organic juices, eating fruits and vegetables on a specific diet, eating turmeric food, Epsom salts, mixture of olive oil and grape juice, these are some ways of cleansing the liver as part of an alternative medicine to remove the toxins in our body. Sounds healthy? Maybe. However healthy this may sounds, a liver cleanse has side effects and must be taken with precaution.

Here are some side effects of a Liver Cleanse:

Dietary supplements can harm the liver.

Most of the liver cleanses have no therapeutic claim and have not been regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), thus, may lead to drug-induced injury and should be used with caution. Ironically, supplements may bring harm, than good to the liver. More so, these supplements may not be a replacement to a medical treatment.

Excessive intake may cause allergies

Turmeric and Epsom salts intake, without the proper instruction of medical personnel may lead to adverse allergic reactions.

Cleansing diets may lead to malnutrition and dehydration

Some liver cleansing diets do not provide the balanced nutrition that our body needs. If taken without proper evaluation by professional medical personnel, this may lead to malnutrition and may cause more harm to the body. This can also be harmful to children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Coffee Enemas may lead to serious complications

When not administered correctly, Enemas can cause life-threatening damage to the intestines. If taken excessively, this may lead to dehydration, pleural or pericardial effusions, infections, sepsis and even death. In fact, there have been two deaths related to coffee enemas due to electrolyte imbalance.

Liver cleanses aid to weight loss, only temporarily

As an effect of a very low-calorie diet, the body’s metabolism tend to slow down and adjusts to the low nutrient intake. However, this diet may result in temporary weight loss only since much of the weight loss is the water weight only. Thus, when a person begins to eat normally again, the water weight will return.

The Bottomline

Healthy living is still the key to a healthy liver. Simple and less costly strategies may be done to improve liver health such as proper diet, exercise, limitation on alcohol intake and proper intake on medications.  Do not be deceived by marketing strategies, promoting the liver cleanses, that prove nothing scientifically. If science is to be considered, the best advice for medical concerns should be taken from a Medical Doctor.